Welcome to the forefront of innovation in the CVD diamond industry – welcome to Asian Lab Grown Diamonds. Situated in the vibrant city of Surat, Gujarat, we stand as trailblazers in the realm of lab-grown diamonds, pushing the boundaries of excellence and redefining luxury.

Established in 2017, Asian Lab has emerged as a pioneering force in India and has rapidly gained global recognition as one of the premier creators of CVD diamonds worldwide. Our journey began with a visionary commitment: to bring the brilliance of CVD diamonds to every household, both nationally and internationally. We aspire not only to meet but to exceed the highest standards of quality, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the global market.

Mr. Ankush Nakrani

Mr. Ankush Nakrani, a visionary director and esteemed technologist, has left an indelible mark on the global stage through his leadership at Asian Lab Grown Diamonds. With a rich background in electronics and an unwavering passion for innovation, Ankush has become a luminary in the lab-grown diamond industry, imparting a radiant sheen to the world. His extensive travels to over 20 countries have granted him profound insights into diverse cultures and markets, a pivotal asset that has propelled Asian Lab Grown Diamonds to international acclaim.

As a technical virtuoso, Ankush maintains a close-knit network of over 500 scientists worldwide, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. His relentless commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has solidified the company’s reputation for cutting-edge excellence, contributing to a total net worth exceeding 500 Crores. Under Ankush’s dynamic leadership, the company consistently evolves, pushing the boundaries of excellence and shaping the industry’s future.

Embark on an innovative journey with our state-of-the-art MPCVD machines and elevate electronics using our premium diamond wafers. Connect with us today for a complimentary initial online consultation, unveiling a realm where excellence seamlessly aligns with your vision, accessible worldwide 24/7.

Mr. Sandip Jasani

Mr. Sandip Jasani, the illuminating director of Asian Lab Grown Diamonds, is a trailblazing business visionary who has left an indelible mark on the industry. His extensive knowledge of the field, coupled with a well-rounded education, has been instrumental in charting the company’s path to success. Through his global travels and keen insights into international markets, Sandip has propelled Asian Lab Grown Diamonds to new heights, solidifying its status as the preferred destination for Lab Grown Diamonds worldwide. A trendsetter in business, he fosters a growth-oriented mindset and inspires his team to embrace innovation for sustainable growth. Under Sandip’s expert guidance, the combined net worth of the companies he directs exceeds a remarkable 500 Crores, a testament to his exceptional business acumen.

His unwavering dedication to innovation and his dynamic leadership have led the company to redefine the future of the industry with groundbreaking strategies. His journey is marked by resilience, determination, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, defining the path to success for Asian Lab Grown Diamonds and its associated ventures.


Dedicated to ethical luxury, we cultivate lab-grown diamonds, manufacture cutting-edge MPCVD machines, and produce high-quality diamond wafers for electronics. Our commitment extends globally with 24/7 service, ensuring excellence at every step.

Lab Grown Diamond Grower

Elevate your elegance with our lab-grown diamonds, meticulously cultivated for brilliance and sustainability. Explore a world of ethical luxury as we redefine the future of diamond cultivation.

MPCVD Machine Manufacturer

Pioneering precision and innovation, we specialize in manufacturing MPCVD machines, pushing the boundaries of diamond growth technology. Join the forefront of excellence with our cutting-edge machines.

High-Quality Diamond Wafer for Electronics

Transforming technology with brilliance, our high-quality diamond wafers set new standards for electronics. Unleash the power of diamonds in your devices, where durability meets sophistication.

24*7 Global Service Provider

Your satisfaction knows no bounds with our 24*7 service spanning the globe. Wherever you are, we're committed to providing seamless support, ensuring your experience with us is as exceptional as our diamonds.